Fresh air all year around.

OpenERV Energy Recovery Ventilators transfer clean air inside and move polluted air out, while retaining 91% of the heat energy. It is under development, for a few more months.

The OpenERV:

  • Provides fresh air during very hot or very cold weather, without the addition or loss of heat to the dwelling.

  • Provides a reliable, regulated supply of fresh air. Never too much or not enough - better than an open window.

  • Is easy and inexpensive to retrofit into any area of any building, even buildings with no ventilation system, or electric heat. No ducting needed.

  • Features these core aspects:

  1. Ultra high real-world energy efficiency - 91% sensible, 45% average latent heat recovery.

  2. High fresh air flow rate - 35 CFM

  3. Absolutely whisper quiet - 0.2 Sone (~15 dBA).

  4. Excellent long term maintainability due to it's Open Source nature. No planned obsolescence.

  • Provides a direct financial return on investment superior to photovoltaic panels in many climates.

  • Also works to prevent the intrusion of heat during hot weather, while providing fresh air.

  • Effectively reduces CO2 levels, reduces transmission of airborne pathogens and improves IAQ, but without heating or cooling related problems of a fan or open window.