About us

Based in the tiny town of Cornwall, Ontario, OpenERV is a radical departure from conventional approaches to engineering and business in several ways.  We have embarked on trying something really different - localized, micro scale production of high quality equipment to directly improve quality of life.  Buckminster Fuller called this "livingry", and I am a big fan of Bucky.  We are inspired by companies like Prusa and Farmbot, as well as undertakings like the Laseraur project, and the Raspberry Pi Foundation.  So much great stuff is being done, and the world is ready for change.

About 20% of all global greenhouse gas emissions are caused by the ventilation of buildings.  Theoretically, most of that can be saved with energy recovery ventilators.

We are committed to offering truly sound propositions, free of planed obsolescence, which empower our customers on a level that in unparalleled and unachievable through conventional means.  We embrace not only Open Source, but also a different production approach, a different business approach, a different strategy.

In 2014 I spend 4 months at an organization called Open Source Ecology, where we explored and were pursuing the re-creation of manufacturing and engineering all the way down to producing aluminum alloys from clay.  In the present, it collapses sometimes to something apparently small - some fresh air, some CO2 and fuel saved - and that's ok.   Even the longest journey to the most wonderful place is made of single steps.  

  Gravity is extremely weak, and yet rules the cosmos - because it always adds up. Let us be wise and steer well, be kind, explore and stay open.   I invite you to join us on this journey!

-Anthony Douglas, Founder.