Window mount model

Once upon a time, I thought I was only going to offer one type of Open Source ERV.  It was to be made to go in a window like an AC unit, but during winter to provide fresh air.  Then I realized that the economics weren't adding up for window mount units because people are not accustomed to paying a lot for a window mount appliance, they don't amortize the cost over long periods, and look at long term return on investment.   I switched to  focusing on a wall-embed model, which allows the cost to be amortized better and returns to be accrued more reliably.  These are the archival pages for the window mount unit, which includes the old source code etc.

It worked in a different way, it is actually more complex.  It uses the rotating thermal wheel regenerator approach.  I would like to bring it to a superior stage of completion and make and sell them some day, but would require someone else to collaborate with, as the economics fundamentally do not work as well, but it could still be reasonable.  A larger printer is advisable, 230 by 230 by 250 mm build volume is slightly too small.  

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