The units are actually produced and tested individually, in batches, from kits which are previously prepared.  You can assemble a unit yourself from kit, and save some serious money, get a great unit, and assembling things from kit can be kind of fun, too.    The kits will be the same or very similar to the ones we use internally for production.  We will probably do the soldering for you, a lot of people don't know how to do that or do not have the tools.  You will need some screw drivers, etc.  There will be an instruction manual.  It's quite a bit of work, actually, it takes about six hours and should probably be considered a weekend project, to assemble two units completely.  This includes time for post processing the parts.

The modules should generally be used in sychronized pairs, but can be used in isolation.  To keep thing simple, they are sold individually, therefore.  The kits will probably cost about $300 each in beta, and more like $600 later on.