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To contribute to the engineering directly, see the documents section and the github, then coordinate using twitter or the FB group or page.

To contribute to the crowdfunding to get accredited testing done, advance the engineering etc., again FB and twitter is the place to discuss and network.

Source code files for the  different versions (I cannot use github any more because they don't allow files larger than 25 mb)

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Development stage

It is in beta right now.  I have made 6 fully working units so far.  I am getting about 27 CFM on maximum setting with the centrifugal fans on full blast, but you will usually be using it at a lower setting.

I'm still working on the firmware, but it works, it saves you energy and is quiet at the goal 20 CFM, and you can upgrade the firmware easily at any time when new stuff comes along.  

The Firmware is extremely simple right now, just a few lines of code, I haven't implemented the wind compensation yet, it just controls the fan speed with the knob.

You can see some mostly historical videos and pictures and read past announcements on Twitter 

A test was done on the #26/ version 4.0 model, and the data shows an excellent 88% efficiency, +/- 4% at a full 21 CFM! You can see a video video recording of this test, with commentary, on the YouTube channel.

Older source code is left here: