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The hope is to prove viability of the system, then do a crowdfunding campaign for the next major revision of the system, perhaps a kickstarter where people buy kits or finished units as the kick-back. Please follow us on Twitter to get the announcements regarding this.

Make a donation in cryptocurrency at any time, and get your donation matched several times over! It claims to accept ETH, Algorand and several others, but I haven't figured out how to get anything other than ETH working.

I also accept Litecoin: ltc1q3xnp7jwyu0dxdelv6p9w7h4y3sh3yn7nep3z24

And of course Bitcoin/BTC: 12RGdq9cLpiggj3TdaspT6GDibioqYLr1Q

I can also accept paypal donations, but of course I believe it is better if we all get into using crypto:

To directly contribute to the project, start at the Community page. We need help with a crowdfunding campaign to fund accredited testing, further development work, design review, firmware improvements, design forks with improved performance and/or lowered cost.



This is a Mainnet address, so it can accept ETH, DAI and many others.


Monero Receive address: 8APTDQECn21J2hpxkBRgvXEV5VUWhn8xH393UmJm27jXQdeJbvvFjkGFaRjpk9Bif9Q4mcW5PEXJ5MWwbJgUW3sXR8dtdDd

You can also transfer directly to our ETH and XMR wallets

Funds donated for this project will be used to pay the development costs, which is several thousand bucks worth of mostly plastic, parts and time.