Interested in becoming a distributor?

Decentralized ERV units are rapidly becoming popular in North America. This presents an opportunity to get in ahead of the curve.  These units are fundamentally a rational, good investment decision, providing superior returns to photovoltaic panels, the gold standard for green technology investment.  They can be retrofitted to almost all housing stock.    Indoor air quality is becoming increasingly recognized as important as society becomes more health conscious, and ventilation is a hot topic due to the recent upswing in airborne disease issues.  Thus, the number of candidate buyers is very, very large.  Homeowners tend to understand the importance of a quality investment whose cost can be amortized over time, yields good return on investment, and are often willing to pay for quality.

We also are seeking partnership with individuals that can resell the unit in European areas, as we are not familiar with the languages, culture or government rules.  These decentralized, ductless units are much more common and thus well understood and frequently purchased in European areas, but they are high priced, even so.  Importing high quality units at a low price directly and reselling them can be a lucrative opportunity - get in touch!  You can email me at