Source code

The Open Source paradigm has proven to be able to delivery world class results in the software world with projects like Firefox, Linux, MySQL, Apache, Android, and other major parts of our infrastructure.  It is only now making inroads into physical equipment.

The main obvious advantage to the user of an Open Source Energy Recovery Ventilator, which is also modular and designed to use common, widely available parts, is that it can be maintained over the long term, both because you will always be able to obtain the parts needed, and also because there is no planned obsolescence that is in place to deliberately foil you.  

It is important that building elements be effectively maintainable over the long term to get a good return on investment and make the large capital costs tractable.

If a unit lasts 30 years instead of 5 years, that means it's average cost of operation is 1/6th as much, per year.  Clearly, that has a major impact on return on investment.  The OpenERV may last even longer than 30 years!  There is almost no natural limit to how long it can last, because anything that wears out or is damaged can always be replaced, unless the source code becomes lost to history.  By then it might be time to upgrade anyway, or put it in a museum!

STL files (zip file):

Micropython source code packages (you can also get this directly off of the Raspberry Pi Pico built into a unit).  If you mess up your unit by modifying the source code and failed to backup what was on it before, you can restore it with this (zip file with version code, include a readme file).  Make sure you have the right version for your hardware:

User manual, includes installation instructions, configuration and troubleshooting(PDF), includes instructions for replacing the motor, and electrical schematics:

Installation manual:

Datasheet, detailed information about the machine and design:


This ERV is open source, with all CAD files and the firmware for the raspberry pi pico licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, which allows non-commercial use without a license.  If you want to make and sell them, talk to us first.